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XPlanar Application

Mechatronic Products

Beckhoff is driven to break through technological boundaries and leave conventional thinking in the dust. Case in point: our mechatronics solutions, XTS and XPlanar. XTS offers a novel approach to dynamic product handling by intelligently coordinating magnetically driven movers move along a linear, configurable travel path. Breaking free from a linear path with six degrees of motion freedom, XPlanar defies gravity with powerful magnetic levitation technology. No, it's not a UFO. XPlanar is already widely used in the field in the U.S. and around the world in applications such as assembly, packaging, food production and much more.


XTS and XPlanar not only replace conventional equipment and eliminate countless mechanical components with adaptive automation technology, but they also reignite innovation and can help transform the design of the entire machine. That may sound like a tall order, but Beckhoff’s team of XPlanar experts are here to help any customer get a flying start into the world of mechatronics and secure an otherworldly competitive edge. 

Check out some of our product highlights below and for a full list of products, visit the Mechatronics page on our global website.

Featured articles

Revolutionary mechatronics solutions, such as the linear transport system XTS and XPlanar “flying motion” system from Beckhoff, have offered new options for dynamic material handling. These are not mere “conveyor replacements.” Both simplify designs of entire machines, eliminate mechanical components, and can even take over common robot functions, reducing footprint requirements for automated equipment. And they can work in concert for even greater flexibility and lot-size-1 processing.

Below you can see how others are using our mechatronics technologies, and you can find all of our intelligent motion articles here.

For more information on our Mechatronics products or to start the conversation on how you can get a flying start into the world of Mechatronics, get in contact with mechatronics engineering our experts.

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