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Beckhoff Elevates XPlanar Functionality with Bumper ID and New Mover Variants

The adaptive automation system’s expanded features and mover variety further boost traceability and flexibility for wide-ranging applications

Beckhoff XPlanar flying mechatronics solution with mover ID

Beckhoff has once again created new possibilities in adaptive automation by expanding the functionality of the XPlanar “flying motion” system. Now, on top of XPlanar’s impressive, field-proven capabilities, the solution can handle more products with even more flexibility through new mover identification, movers for two lanes of traffic on one tile, rectangular movers and mover coupling for higher payloads.


XPlanar now provides greater traceability through ID technology integrated into the mover bumper. The ID functionality enables unique identification of XPlanar movers by reading the mover’s individual serial number. The ID bumper is easy to mount or retrofit on movers already in the field, and it requires no additional hardware. This solution makes it possible to seamlessly track movers and the products they carry – even after system shutdown and restart. The bumper ID also eliminates the need for homing at system startup with appropriate programming.

Among the new XPlanar mover variants, the APM4221 is now the second smallest model in the APM4xxx family. It supports payloads up to 1 kg and is ideal for handling small and medium-sized products with 140 mm center-to-center spacing. With dimensions of 127 x 127 mm, the APM4221 allows two lanes of traffic to flow simultaneously across one row of XPlanar tiles. This enables a complete production cycle, including recirculation, with minimal footprint. The same applies to the APM4230 rectangular mover, which measures 115 x 155 mm, for payloads of up to 0.8 kg.

A third new variant is the AMP4350 rectangular mover, which measures 155 x 235 mm and supports payloads of up to 3 kg. By adding a second row of tiles to the XPlanar base, the APM4350 rectangular mover enables up to three lanes of transport for longer products, further increasing adaptive automation capabilities.


The APM4550 XPlanar mover is the largest version (235 x 235 mm) and can transport payloads up to 4.2 kg, making it the perfect device for handling larger, heavier products. More elaborate workpiece carriers and attached tooling can also help meet specific application requirements.


However, XPlanar can transport and position payloads weighing far more than 4.2 kg. Using a simple adapter, several movers can be mechanically fixed together and the payload increases linearly. Coupling four APM4550 movers would result in a new maximum payload of approximately 14.8 kg.

A video overview: What is XPlanar?

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