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IO EK1100 EtherCAT

I/O Products

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an I/O system that could speak any fieldbus language? What if it could clean up your electrical cabinet or get rid of it entirely? How about one that can work in any wiring topology? Beckhoff supplies an industry-leading range of industrial Ethernet and fieldbus solutions for all your I/O and bus system needs.

Hate managed switches and IP addresses in your industrial application? Ditch the switch with EtherCAT. As the inventor of EtherCAT, Beckhoff knows a thing or 65,535 about bringing the high-performance of an industrial Ethernet protocol to connect everything from I/O to motion to robotics and machine safety without complicating your network architecture.

Check out some of our product highlights below and for a full list of products, visit the I/O page on our global website.

Featured EtherCAT and industrial networking articles

Beckhoff supplies an extensive range of fieldbus components and designs for all common I/Os and bus systems. With the Bus Terminals in the IP20 protection and the Fieldbus Box modules in IP67, all important signal types and fieldbus systems are covered.


Below you can see how others are using I/O solutions, and you can find all of our industrial networking articles here.

For more information on our I/O products or to start the conversation on how you can ditch the switch, get in contact with our industrial automation experts.

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