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Beckhoff automation system integrators

Find a BIG Automation System Integrator

Let Beckhoff help you find a control system integrator that knows our technologies and has the track record to drive your project to a successful completion


Choosing the right system integrator can make or break an automation project. A correct selection could lead to a successful one-time collaboration or even a long-term partnership. But the wrong choice could mean a string of headaches and delays.

Beckhoff USA can make it easy. All the companies in our Beckhoff Integrator Group (BIG) have been vetted to ensure they know our technologies and excel in serving their customers. These integrators offer a range of expertise, encompassing everything from object-oriented programming in TwinCAT 3 automation software to designing and commissioning advanced XTS or XPlanar mechatronics systems.

Find the right control system integrator for you

With dozens of automation system integrators on the BIG list, how can you find the one most suited to your requirements? No need. We will suggest the best companies to work with based on the unique requirements of your application, such as location, industry, complexity and more. Tell us if you need someone to help with hardware implementation, TwinCAT programming or both. Let us do the rest.

Fill out the form below to get started. Please include some details about your application to help us recommend an automation system integrator that will best fit for your needs.

Should you be on the BIG system integrator list?


BIG plays an important role in the programming and implementation of New Automation Technology from Beckhoff. As such, BIG integrators receive valuable benefits in product pricing, training, technology updates and application leads. The BIG goal is to provide customers of all sizes with resources for utilizing and integrating Beckhoff technologies.


Want to be a part? Talk to your local Beckhoff sales and support engineers to see if it’s a good fit. All BIG members must first be nominated by the area team.


Have additional questions? Contact David Emory, Director of Strategic Sales:


An automation system integrator engineer programming Beckhoff TwinCAT software
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