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Video: TwinSAFE in 6 Minutes

TwinSAFE is the universal solution for everything from basic safety monitoring to safe motion in a fully integrated automation ecosystem. Start learning about how to protect what matters most in this 6-minute video.

The TwinSAFE solution is fully integrated into our end-to-end engineering and runtime software for all areas of automation, TwinCAT. With the ability to communicate with over 200 other safety devices and leverage over 500 function blocks in a single program, the design possibilities are endless. In terms of hardware, TwinSAFE I/O can be installed alongside standard I/O in the same line and on the same network.

With so much architecture flexibility, you can develop the best safety solution for your application. TwinSAFE covers everything from simple, small-scale stand-alone control architectures, all the way to fully distributed architectures for large, high-complexity applications.

But why would you move away from hardwired or standalone safety relays and controllers? Because TwinSAFE benefits are clearn, including unbeatable modularity, design flexibility, smaller program size, easier maintenance and the ability make quick modifications as designs change.

Want to dive deeper into the topic of TwinSAFE? Contact your local Beckhoff sales engineer today.


Casey Taylor, Software Product Manager for Beckhoff USA

Chris Woller is the Safety Product Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC.


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