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Globally available: Beckhoff training expertise

Standard Beckhoff training courses cover certain TwinCAT functions. Engineers must meet various prerequisites for the different courses to show a level of familiarity with TwinCAT and Beckhoff technologies. Trainings can also include other topics and functions by customizing the classes with the training team ahead of time. For full descriptions of all of our courses as well as a list of prerequisites, please visit

Course customization options


Our training team can help you with inquiries about customization, scheduling and other questions.

  • Application-specific: instruction tailored to individual customers, industries or projects

  • For experienced Beckhoff users: dive deeper into advanced topics and functionalities​

Core in-person training courses

  • Introduction to TwinCAT 3 Architecture

  • Overview of TwinCAT 3 Environment

  • I/O Basic Navigation

  • I/O EtherCAT Basics, Troubleshooting

  • TwinCAT 3 - PLC Introduction

  • TwinCAT 3 - PLC Troubleshooting

  • TwinCAT 3 - PLC Programming

  • TwinCAT 3- PLC Programming, Applications

  • NC - Introduction

  • NC - Configuration Basics

  • NC - PTP Programming

  • NC - Axis Coupling Basics

  • NC - Axis Coupling Intermediate (Camming, Flying Saw)

  • TwinSAFE - Fundamentals

  • TwinSAFE - Hardware Overview

  • TwinSAFE - Handling Digital Signals

  • TwinSAFE - Handling Analog Signals

  • TwinSAFE - Dealing with Multiple PLCs

  • TwinSAFE - TwinSAFE Loader

  • TwinSAFE - User Access and Control

  • TwinSAFE - Safe Motion​

  • TcHMI - Fundamentals

  • TcHMI - Controls

  • TcHMI - Server Extensions

Beckhoff training centers in North America

Educational training opportunities are available throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Please check out our full list of training locations to learn more.

Beckhoff USA offices
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