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OTC 2024

May 6-9 | NRG Park in Houston, TX | Booth #4121

With OTC 2024 right around the corner, we can’t contain our excitement to showcase our comprehensive automation and IoT platform for oil, gas and petrochem! In Beckhoff booth 4121, you will find wide-ranging solutions to take your operations to the next level while meeting the demanding control, networking and explosion protection requirements of offshore and process environments.

With a fully-integrated approach to hardware, software, and networking, Beckhoff is uniquely positioned to help connect brownfield and greenfield process equipment to higher-level systems for advanced measurement, condition monitoring and data analysis. PC-based control supports the horizontal and vertical integration of systems and processes in offshore energy and the process industry as a whole.

Because at Beckhoff, automation is our calling. Our team of process industry experts will be there to discuss your applications and deliver game-changing solutions with hands-on demos and engineer-to-engineer answers. We can't wait to help you discover what's next in process automation!

Come join the Beckhoff booth party!

Tuesday, May 7 | 3-5 p.m.

Grab some drinks and apps while networking with Beckhoff industry experts and other industry professionals. We can't wait to see you there!


The modularity of process plants is standardized by the Module Type Package (MTP). The MTP standard describes individual modules based on their attributes, including their interfaces and the executable services. TwinCAT MTP software provides efficient commissioning and linking of modules from different manufacturers.


The universal software platform for automation covers control, communication, condition monitoring, HMI and more in one all-purpose engineering environment. Secure cloud connectivity via TwinCAT IoT and cloud-based analysis functionality via TwinCAT Analytics, easily integrates with NAMUR, HART and FDT/DTM. Additionally, TwinCAT supports OPC UA, MQTT, AMQP and other industry standards for secure, vendor-independent data communication, regardless of the application type.


TwinCAT/BSD provides an alternative operating system for all of the latest Beckhoff Industrial PC (IPC) platforms. TwinCAT/BSD combines the TwinCAT runtime with FreeBSD, an industrially proven and reliable open-source operating system. 


From zone 0 to the cloud, this barrier free communication provides flexible and open PC-based controls technology. ELX and field-mounted EPX series EtherCAT I/O enable direct connection of intrinsically safe field devices. Cloud communication via TwinCAT IoT software or IoT Bus Couplers implement network production according to IoT and digitalization concepts.

For product page-TS ELX.png

The intrinsically safe I/O system is now available in IP67-rated form factors as part of the EPX series for field installation, in addition to the well-known IP20 ELX modules. This supports direct connection of field devices up to Zone 0/20 and rated for use in Zone 2/22. The ELX Terminals combine a safety barrier with signal terminal functionality to optimize any process application requiring large signal diversity and cabling flexibility.



The robust CPX series Ex panels have a rugged and sleek operator interface in explosion-proof aluminum designs. They accommodate an optional integrated CPU for use in Zone 2/22 and flexible mounting options and capacitive touch technology for operation in harsh environments

Schedule a meeting with our industry experts

Of course, our best and brightest Beckhoff engineers will be ready to answer all your questions about how to automate what’s next in your process applications. Fill out the form online below to schedule a time to meet with us in the booth. 

See more of what's next in offshore technology

Beckhoff remains at the forefront of automation technology for wide-ranging process industry applications. We continue to deliver new solutions for the industry, including TwinCAT 3 software tools and hardware such as intrinsically safe ELX EtherCAT I/O and explosion-proof CPX multi-touch Control Panels. We also offer many automation solutions for the HART, NAMUR and FDT/DTM standards to help solve your toughest challenges in process technology. 

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