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Hydrogen and fuel cell technology from Beckhoff

Hydrogen Technology Expo 2024

June 26-27 | NRG Center in Houston, TX |
Stand 455

Your opportunity to help power the clean energy revolution with hydrogen and fuel cell tech is coming up at Hydrogen Technology Expo 2024! In Beckhoff stand 455, you’ll find wide-ranging automation solutions to supercharge operations throughout the hydrogen value chain. Let’s generate new ways to triumph over the most difficult challenges in production, efficient storage and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen.

With a fully integrated approach to hardware, software, and networking, Beckhoff is uniquely positioned to empower leaders in the hydrogen and fuel cell markets. Our fully integrated automation ecosystem enables you to harness advanced measurement, condition monitoring and data analysis in one comprehensive platform. PC-based control supports the horizontal and vertical integration of systems and processes in hydrogen and other process industry applications.

Because at Beckhoff, automation is our calling. Our team of process industry experts will be there to discuss your applications and deliver game-changing solutions with hands-on demos and engineer-to-engineer answers. We can't wait to help you automate what's next in sustainable hydrogen technology!

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Eliminate the need for purges and expensive explosion-proof enclosures to communicate to Zone 0. Beckhoff enables safe, efficient networking with our ELX (IP20) and EPX (IP67) terminals. Rated for installation in Zone 2/22, these I/O modules optimize process applications requiring safety, large signal diversity and cabling flexibility.


Harness a comprehensive software solution for automation. As an end-to-end engineering and runtime platform, TwinCAT brings together programming talent from all disciplines skilled in everything from IEC 61131-3 PLC languages to computer science standards. Secure cloud connectivity, condition monitoring and analytics integrate with NAMUR, HART and FDT/DTM to meet process needs.


Send data. Analyze results. Boost productivity. With TwinCAT IoT and the comprehensive I/O and control hardware portfolio from Beckhoff, you can enable digitalization without breaking the bank. Even in hazardous environments, our broad range of  ELX and EPX terminals ensure barrier-free communication from sensors in Zone 0 to the cloud.


Ditch those flimsy, drab plastic panels. The robust CPX series Control Panels offer a sleek, yet rugged operator interface designed specifically for operation in potentially hazardous environments. Milled from solid aluminum, these explosion-proof HMIs support options for flexible mounting or even an integrated CPU to serve as a powerful machine controller in Zone 2/22


Transform your touchscreen into a fully immersive, intuitive operator interface. TwinCAT HMI empowers engineers to use web design standards, such as HTML5, JavaScript and more, along with Websockets and HTTPS for secure communication. Beyond enhancing aesthetics, this simplifies operator training and makes it easy to view your HMI on mobile devices as desired.


No Windows? No problem. Leverage the TwinCAT/BSD alternative OS from Beckhoff, which works on our latest PC-based controllers. TwinCAT/BSD combines the TwinCAT runtime with FreeBSD, an industrially proven and reliable open-source operating system. This creates a low-footprint, high-performance option with the security of a modern UNIX-like OS. 

See more of what's next in hydrogen and fuel cell technology

The hydrogen market continues to grow and evolve. And so do its technology requirements. Beckhoff is here to help with a scalable and future-proof platform for automation that serves you today and with what’s next.

Like you, we work to remain at the forefront of automation technology for sustainable hydrogen tech, as well as other emerging renewable energy and process industry applications. Please plan to connect with us at Hydrogen Technology Expo – or contact our team today – to help solve your toughest challenges in process technology. 

Simplified explosion protection for hydrogen

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