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Video: Fortna, EuroSort and Honeywell Intelligrated on EtherCAT Advantages

Boost performance with better networking: a conversation with EtherCAT users in intralogistics from ProMatDX

Fulfillment centers are continuing to ramp up to meet e-commerce demands and increasingly shorter delivery cycles, but they are finding their communication protocols unable scale with them. Traditional fieldbuses already had difficulty with less complex operations, but with the large amounts of data generated by increased machine vision and barcode scanners in fast-paced intralogistics operations, many are now scrambling to adapt. In these instances, many leaders in intralogistics and material handling are turning to EtherCAT. The industrial Ethernet system is helping them keep pace with rapid industry advances and solve many longstanding issues in the industry.

In this presentation, originally presented at ProMat Digital Experience 2021, I talk to top industry experts from three EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) member companies:

The discussion highlights real-world technical problems and the solutions EtherCAT delivered. These experts explain how achieving faster cycles and greater precision through EtherCAT’s unique functional principle leads to more on-time orders and fewer returns.

EtherCAT offers practically unlimited system size, supporting more than 65,000 nodes per network, and complete flexibility in topology without costly switches or complications from IP addresses. Free selection of star, tree, drop and especially line topology without the cascaded switch delays common in other fieldbuses makes EtherCAT the clear choice for conveyor and sortation systems that require long cable runs. It also integrates functional and analog safety over the standard EtherCAT network using TÜV-certified Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) technology. In addition, EtherCAT can do all of this with just one master controller and one network, where others protocols typically require multiple controllers and networks. Since EtherCAT supports connectivity with all legacy and modern fieldbuses, it is the clear choice to meet all connectivity requirements whether modernizing brownfield sites or planning advanced greenfield applications. Bring your material handling systems up to speed.

Want to learn how EtherCAT reduces space and cost requirements and increases performance throughout the entire intralogistics operation? Contact ETG or your local Beckhoff sales engineer today.


Bob Trask

Bob Trask, P.E., is the North American Representative for the EtherCAT Technology Group.


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