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Compact Servo Terminals Offer Big Time Capabilities in Intralogistics

A perfect balance of compact size and impressive power, ELM72xx Servo Drives deliver the ideal motion solution for AS/RS, AGV and AMR applications

Autonomous systems continue to grow in distribution centers and warehouses. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are evolving through exciting advancements in navigation systems. Likewise, shuttles, lifts and robotics in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are becoming faster, more precise and nearly indispensable in modern intralogistics settings.

To boost motion control capabilities, these system types require reliable I/O and servo technology. Fortunately, the ELM72xx Compact EtherCAT Servo Drive series delivers for such applications, using proven drive technology from Beckhoff with the feature set of TwinCAT 3 automation software as well as the high speed and determinism of EtherCAT. These 48 V DC drives offer dual-channel (2 x 4.5 A, 2 x 8 A) and single-channel (up to 16 A) versions. Perfectly matched to the ELM72xx drives, the new AM81xx motors offer speeds up to 8,000 rpm and about 4 Nm of continuous power, which is about 1 kW.

The ELM72xx compact metal housing mounts on DIN rail and fits into standard I/O designs, allowing users to implement higher EMC protection in a smaller footprint compared to previous compact motion terminals. It also incorporates new safety features via robust Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) technology. This simplifies a user's TwinSAFE implementation and allows TwinSAFE motion for Safe Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Limited Position (SLP) and Safe Torque Off (STO). With 15 different TwinSAFE motion options, engineers can put more machine safety measures in more places to better protect personnel, products and equipment.

Add up all the benefits and you’ll see that these compact motion devices can have a huge impact in intralogistics applications that meet and exceed the demands of ever-changing markets.

Interested in enhancing your intralogistics equipment with new motion control technologies? Contact your local Beckhoff sales engineer today.


Matt Prellwitz is the Drive Technology Product Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC.


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