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Beckhoff motion control technology can take your application anywhere.

Beckhoff offers one automation and motion control platform with comprehensive drive technology for almost any application. Our high-performance motion control is open and easy to transition to.


Everything from custom PID algorithms and G-codes to PC-based visualization and MES/ERP programs can be easily migrated and integrated into a single Beckhoff control system. This extensive portfolio extends from ultra-compact drives and motors, to exceptionally powerful and precise servo solutions for high-end motion control, up to groundbreaking mechatronics technologies that can help you achieve the impossible in adaptive manufacturing with agile machines.


Regardless of what Beckhoff motion control solution you use, everything is integrated in a standards-based ecosystem. The same TwinCAT automation software platform is used to program and connect any device in the Beckhoff Drive Technology portfolio. A range of powerful industrial PCs scale with your application to find the best fit in terms of prices, performance and format, not just for motion control, but for all aspects of machine control and safety.


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