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Video: Optimize Controls in Intralogistics

Simplify intralogistics automation and eliminate black boxes with a better controls philosophy

Faster, smarter intralogistics requires end-to-end control technologies. Fully integrated systems help with decreasing time from pick to ship, scheduling maintenance, increasing uptime and achieving the goal of completely autonomous operations. From AS/RS shuttles and AGVs to conveyors, sorters and high-speed merges, the core technologies in any intralogistics operation can benefit from reevaluating control technologies. In this presentation, originally presented at ProMat Digital Experience 2021, I and Daymon Thompson, Software Product Manager for Beckhoff USA, explore the advantages of modern, open controls.

TwinCAT 3 automation software and the new TwinCAT/BSD non-Windows operating system, along with the broad portfolio of scalable Beckhoff controllers, provide a path forward for intralogistics equipment. These technologies eliminate black boxes that cause communication delays and require costly configuration cables and software packages that are difficult to maintain. Modern controls also safeguard against expensive upgrades due to obsolescence or simply scaling up. Too often, this requires extensive programming and reengineering. Join us to learn how a fully integrated controls platform provides the flexibility to scale the equipment and reduces costs while increasing capabilities in diverse intralogistics applications.

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Eric Reiner

Eric Reiner is the IPC Product Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC.


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