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Video: XPlanar Benefits AS/RS Applications in Intralogistics

The Flying Motion system from Beckhoff delivers competitive advantages for GTO/GTR pick stations in distribution and fulfillment centers

Goods-to-Operator (GTO) and Goods-to-Robot (GTR) picking stations for order fulfillment are typical solutions utilized with an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS). XPlanar, the Flying Motion technology from Beckhoff, provides new advantages for these applications. Cartons or bins can move to a center accumulation area while further products are being retrieved from the AS/RS to fulfill the order, significantly increasing order fulfillment throughput.

Sorting is also simplified with the free motion of XPlanar. The 6 degrees of freedom in motion control, including 360-degree rotation, provides ultimate flexibility. Bins can rotate for instance to obtain a scan from a barcode reader. Further base tiles and movers enable flexible changes at any stage of implementation. And the contactless motion also means zero maintenance from wear, ensuring optimal system uptime.

This video really shows the power of Flying Motion technology from XPlanar applied in modern intralogistics applications. XPlanar offers levitating movers, flying product movement and a nearly limitless array of tile paths for total flexibility in material handling and logistics. XPlanar gives you the freedom to intelligently adapt to constantly changing workflows and shatter all conventional thinking about automated production. Most importantly, XPlanar can help you secure an unbeatable competitive advantage and achieve the impossible.

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Doug Schuchart is the Material Handling & Intralogistics Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC.


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