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Your Automation Projects Are Mission Critical. They Deserve the Right System Integrator.

Finding the best engineering firm makes all the difference for manufacturers looking to modernize and expand

An engineer at a Beckhoff Integrator Group Company working on an automation software project

Businesses are operating in an age of extremes. We hear regular murmurs about global recession and some industries really are hurting currently, such as in IT with many global tech companies shedding workers by the thousands.

But it’s not all bad. One area going proportionally in the reverse direction is industrial automation. In fact, researchers project that the industrial automation market will grow to $395 billion by 2029 – a CAGR of 9.8%. And it’s expected to break $400 billion the following year.

Manufacturers are relentlessly pursuing the next level of automation in their applications to solve persistent production challenges with an increasingly limited labor pool. Yet significant opportunities abound for those who can capitalize on them.

Many of these companies have very talented engineering teams in-house, but the demand for outside system integration assistance has skyrocketed due to limited bandwidth. How in the world can you possibly nail a major plant expansion or retrofit without demolishing your production throughput at the same time? For most, failing to partner with a solid outside engineering firm to help guide mission critical projects to a successful completion can make the difference between make it and break it.

Why do you need an automation systems integrator?

There are countless large-scale projects developing around the U.S. that simply couldn’t happen without the help of system integrators. A prime example is EV and battery manufacturing applications with the world’s leading electromobility companies. Effective system integration help is a critical lifeline to bring massive new factories online with the latest in adaptive automation technologies to produce EVs and batteries as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Organizations like the Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA), which Beckhoff is a member of, are helping to keep the standards high across the industry. By outsourcing to system integrators, end users can focus on their core competencies, according to CSIA.

“For SIs, system integration is their core business, one in which they consistently invest,” CSIA states. “Digital transformation (IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing) is a key initiative for end users; one that can further elevate the role of advice and support by SIs.”

An engineer programs in TwinCAT
To be part of BIG, integrators must first have significant experience with Beckhoff technologies.

Beckhoff’s involvement goes further than working with CSIA. Not just directly with our own automation, controls and support resources, but also with our system integrator networks globally. In the U.S., this is the Beckhoff Integrator Group (BIG).

What kinds of companies are on our control system integrator list?

For manufacturers and other end users of industrial equipment, the advantages of a skilled system integrator are convincing, and the results are immediate. Beckhoff vets, trains and supports its officially recognized system integrators to ensure that they deliver in all areas of engineering, including system design, electrical engineering, programming and commissioning.

To be a member of BIG, system integrators need to know how to successfully apply Beckhoff hardware, software and networking technologies to solve project challenges every time. They need to pass our training courses and they need to be proven in the field with real world applications first.

Doing your due diligence is, of course, important. As CSIA points out: “When it comes to selecting the right SI, time is worth investing. The nature of the relationship should be focused on mutual, long-term success, like any true partnership.”

But the process can still be overwhelming. CSIA alone has over 500 members across 35 countries. So even if you’re asking the right questions, you may be wasting time with integrators that don’t specialize in your area. By evaluating BIG integrators, we help remove the extra work and stress that comes with choosing a system integrator from scratch.

We can connect end users with integrators that are experts in vertical industries as well as specific areas of automation such as PLC, motion control, robotics, IoT, machine safety and more. System integrator help can be on the way today if you just know who to ask. I’ll make it easy for you:

Are you looking for a system integrator to help make your big plant upgrade a reality or are you an integrator looking to join the Beckhoff Integrator Group and get a big win in an exciting new project? Contact the Beckhoff Integrator Group and get the conversation going today.


David Emory of Beckhoff USA

David Emory is Director of Strategic Sales and leads the Beckhoff Integrator Group for Beckhoff USA


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