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Unlock Beckhoff I/O Benefits with the EK9500 EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler

Easily connect EtherNet/IP masters to the powerful and broad portfolio of I/O terminals from Beckhoff

Beckhoff EK9500 EtherNet/IP Coupler

The Beckhoff EK9500 Bus Coupler connects EtherNet/IP networks to EL series EtherCAT I/O Terminals and machine-mountable EtherCAT Box modules. The coupler converts EtherNet/IP telegrams to the EtherCAT E-bus standard.

  • connect EtherCAT devices to EtherNet/IP masters

  • real-time 100 Mbit/s data transfer rates

  • simple connection via 2 x RJ45 (switched) interfaces

  • automatic addressing of devices with EtherCAT and ADS

  • easy configuration with a graphical editor


Beckhoff offers EK9500 starter kits that include the EK9500 Bus Coupler, EL1004 4-channel input, EL2004 4-channel output, Ethernet cable and more.

Connect to new possibilities with EK9500

A typical I/O segment consists of an EK9500 Bus Coupler and almost any number of EtherCAT Terminals — up to 255 in one segment. The coupler is connected to EtherNet/IP via an RJ45 interface and features a compact, industrial-hardened form factor:

  • DIN rail mounted

  • dimensions of 264 mm x 100 mm x 73 mm

  • operating temperature range of 0 - 55 °C

By connecting to EtherCAT, the EtherNet/IP coupler leverages a lower-level, powerful and ultra-fast I/O system with a large terminal selection and without switches or IP addresses. The cost-effective Beckhoff I/O portfolio includes hundreds of EtherCAT modules in IP20, IP67 and IP69K with wide-ranging functionality:

  • high-density (HD) 8- and 16-channel terminals

  • high-end monitoring and measurement

  • intrinsically safe modules for hazardous areas

Simple network configuration

The EK9500 EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler is automatically configured via EtherCAT, but its functionality can be customized via an intuitive graphical configurator in TwinCAT 3 automation software. The Beckhoff Device Manager eliminates excessive programming requirements. Automatic addressing of devices on the network is possible with TwinCAT ADS, a device- and fieldbus-independent interface that reduces time-consuming hardware identification and configuration.

Ready to unluck the benefits of Beckhoff I/O? Connect with a local Beckhoff sales engineer today.

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