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TwinCAT automation software: Your future-proof motion platform.

TwinCAT 3 from Beckhoff is the all-purpose automation software platform for all aspects of machine control. The fully integrated development environment is free of charge and there are no annual contracts required to access exceptional technical support from Beckhoff.


Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio® makes it possible to program powerful automation projects in parallel with the aid of the 3rd edition of IEC 61131-3 as well as C and C++ languages. Users also have the option of using the TwinCAT BSD operating system.


Additional TwinCAT 3 Benefits

  • One software does it all: programming, configuration and runtime

  • Integrated motion control solution – from point-to-point to synchronized robotics and CNC

  • Visual Studio® integration

  • Freedom to select the programming languages that work for you

  • Support for the object-oriented extensions of IEC 61131-3

  • Use of C/C++ as the programming language for real time applications 

  • Custom PID capabilities

  • Link to MATLAB® / Simulink®

  • Open interfaces for expandability and adaptation to the tools landscape

  • Flexible runtime environment – active support of multi-core CPUs


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