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Automation for What's Next

At Beckhoff, automation is our calling. We empower engineers to differentiate and succeed as industry leaders – to harness and create new technologies, embrace open standards and solve the world’s most complex problems.

Engineer solutions center

Our engineering experts love sharing information that can help you tackle unique industry and technology hurdles. You can see the latest posts below, and check out many, many more on our content page.


The people behind the automation

Founded and led by engineers, we organically create advanced controls, communication, IoT and motion technologies that become unique tools for your one-of-a-kind challenges in an age of digital transformation. As a global partner with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, we remain committed to sustainability, inclusivity and support for the people behind the automation.

We've got your back

We work to make our engineering team available to ensure your success. These experienced technology experts are all employed by Beckhoff rather than distributors or outsourced tech support. So you can be sure when you're talking to us – whether at trainings, support resource portals or trade show booths – you'll get the answers you need to go beyond.


Training and e-learning

Constant innovation simply doesn't happen without constant learning. So we provide resources for you to up your game no matter if you're an seasoned pro or relative newcomer. Explore our classes and free e-learning portal.


Tech support services

Who wants to be on hold all day just to find out you need to upgrade a license to get support? Yeah, we don't either. Here's how to access our no-cost, 24/7 support from skilled Beckhoff engineering based in the U.S.


Trade shows and events

Who says engineers don't have people skills? We love to hang out with our customers, technology partners and industry friends at trade shows and events. And not to brag, but we're known to throw one heck of a party.


Adaptive automation with XPlanar

XPlanar is a revolutionary approach to automation that breaks the rules, removes barriers and pushes the boundaries of what we can accomplish. By removing traditional limitations, you gain the freedom to intelligently adapt to constantly changing workflows. It's time to shatter conventional thinking about automated production.

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