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Download: Back to Basics - Functional Safety Whitepaper

Learn how to follow ISO, IEC and ANSI standards for effective safety solutions in this exclusive downloadable whitepaper

Beckhoff Industrial PC in control cabinet

Since 2004 Beckhoff has provided the highest quality functional safety components to meet the requirements of the most complex machines. Sometimes, however, safety is applied to machines without regard to formal risk assessment and to the tune of “Make it as safe as possible.” While admirable, this can result in safety functions that may be over- or under-designed for a particular risk. It could also impact your company’s bottom line and the time it takes to ship machines to your customers.

While having “too much” safety is certainly not a bad thing, it could introduce unnecessary complexity and other adverse effects. Therefore, machine safety measures should be revisited periodically to conform with updated standards or in response to market conditions.

Register below to download a whitepaper that helps guide standards and methodologies for risk assessment and reduction.

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Doug Schuchart of Beckhoff Automation

Christopher Woller is the Safety Product Manager for Beckhoff Automation LLC.

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