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Modular and Customizable C6027 Complements Beckhoff’s Ultra-compact Industrial PC Series

New machine controller provides high-performance, fanless computing power with scalable interface expansions and 1-second UPS

Ultra-compact IPC series expands automation and IoT hardware scalability with Intel® Core™ i U processors

Beckhoff C6027 IPC

The new C6027 ultra-compact Industrial PC (IPC) from Beckhoff is a fanless device that offers high computing power in a compact form factor with Intel® Core™ i U series processors. Compared to the C6025 IPC already on the market, this model adds a second circuit board level for customization with a variety of optional interfaces or an integrated 1-second UPS. Further variants are in preparation.


The C6027 IPC opens up numerous new application areas for a modular automation device with an additional circuit board level, including a selection of interfaces or function extensions. The current options are:

  • 6 x Ethernet ports (RJ45)

  • an integrated 1-second UPS to secure persistent data


In the initial variant, which features a total of nine Ethernet ports, the C6027 is ideally suited as an IoT or security gateway for connecting different machine and system modules. The IPC is Microsoft Azure™ Certified and AWS qualified for use in cloud-based platforms. In addition to this edge computing functionality, the C6027 also provides machine builders and end users with a powerful and extremely compact controller, measuring 82 x 127 x 69 mm. Supported by diverse, flexible mounting options, the device can fit in almost every control cabinet and machine concept.


The IPC’s energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i U processor – which consumes significantly less energy than the other processors in the C60xx series – and the advanced passive cooling design enable full heat dissipation via a heat sink on one side. Protected by an aluminum and zinc die-cast housing, the C6027 offers a feature set that includes the following:

  • up to four CPU cores

  • 4 GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 8 GB)

  • 40 GB M.2 SSD with 3D flash memory

  • 1 x DisplayPort video connector

  • 4 x USB 3.0 ports

  • on-board Ethernet controller with 3 x 100/1000Base-T ports

  • operating temperature range of 0 to 50 °C


Are you interested in implementing high-performance, ultra-compact Industrial PCs? Contact your local Beckhoff sales engineer to learn more.

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