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SLAS 2024

February 3-7 | Boston Convention Center | Booth #1419

This is not a test: Beckhoff is prepping our automation lab for another round of excitement at SLAS! We want to see you there – to learn about your critical research work and help you drive new levels of innovation.


Like many in the industry, we know you’re probably facing demands like rapid reconfiguration of lab processes, equipment footprint reductions and protocol consolidation – and we’re here to help! We love to solve your toughest challenges and find the solution that will propel your business beyond the competition.


With our PC-based automation solutions, we can help reduce footprint in the laboratory or production floors while making rapid reconfiguration possible. Additionally, EtherCAT is an all-purpose, standard protocol for networked devices that makes implementation easy and provides unparalleled diagnostics. 


Our team of automation and lab industry experts will be there to discuss your specific application and introduce you to game-changing technology with hands-on demos. We can't wait to help you discover what's next in tomorrow's labs during the show.


Total freedom with 6D motion and cleanroom capable? You won’t want to miss XPlanar. See how the modular and scalable adaptive automation solution’s magnetically flying movers can take your application where it’s never been before.


With Beckhoff Vision, engineers can see what’s possible when machine vision hardware and automation software are perfectly matched. This comprehensive line of EtherCAT-enabled industrial cameras, lighting and lensing components are paired with proven TwinCAT Vision software to round out a complete product portfolio.


Enter a completely new dimension in mechatronics flexibility with XTS NCT. With contactless power and communication to various end effectors mounted on wireless movers, NCT effectively turns the XTS into a low profile, many-armed robot.


When will machine learning take hold in the industry? What is a real-world IIoT success story? When it comes to IoT, demands to quickly reach the best decisions based on real-time data insights have never been greater. Thankfully, PC-based automation provides an all in one solution for control and big data analytics.

Schedule a meeting with our industry experts

Of course we'll have the best and brightest Beckhoff engineers, ready to answer all your questions about how to automate what’s next in your lab applications. Fill out the form online to schedule a time to meet with us in the booth. 

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