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Solve motion control challenges in simple, complex or industry-disrupting applications.

Beckhoff offers a wide range of hardware and software tools to hit the sweet spot for the level of motion control you require. Whether you're dealing with steppers, servos, DC motors, BLDC, linear motors or leading-edge transport systems, we'll have a fit for your application. 

Our industrially-compatible hardware offers a modular control system for the DIN rail with long-lasting continuity. A range of powerful industrial PCs scale with your application to find the best fit in terms of price, performance and format, not just for motion control, but for all aspects of machine control.


Beckhoff CX5140
  • I know lead times and deliveries continue to be a challenge no matter who I buy from, but what can I do to meaningfully improve my company’s supply chain for industrial devices?
    Work with a supplier that can support you in the all critical areas with reliable on-time delivery, a direct sales model and a commitment to holding safety stock based on your needs.
  • I want a full control system upgrade that is better protected from obsolescence and end of life issues. How do I ensure that I don’t reach a dead end in the future with my motion controller?
    View hardware and software upgrade options in terms of obsolescence versus evolution and select platforms like Beckhoff PC-based control that support years of backward compatibility, easy migration and painless upgrades with superior software.
  • We have some talented engineers on staff, but not enough to support a control system migration. Where can I go for help?
    Not just a hardware and software vendor, Beckhoff is also an engineering company with deep resources available to customers that can assist with the complete control system integration process. This covers customers from specification and design to serial production of machinery.
  • Will there be any sacrifice in performance when going from a dedicated motion controller to Beckhoff?
    Absolutely not. From the numerous applications we have completed, the performance is as good and more often better. The Beckhoff solution will also provide significant advantages in any IoT or networking efforts.
  • Can PMAC programs be executed by a Beckhoff controller?
    PMAC programs cannot be executed by a Beckhoff controller but are typically recreated with C or structured text.
  • Are there any modes of PMAC control that aren't readily supported by the Beckhoff?
    Beckhoff control does not readily support ±10Vdc, Sinusoidal or direct PWM but a fully integrated Beckhoff system can meet or exceed the performance.

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