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At The Battery Show 2022 in Novi, MI, Beckhoff Automation will highlight the latest in adaptive automation and ultra-compact motion control solutions for the automotive industry and battery production. Join us for the North American debut of No Cable Technology (NCT) for our proven XTS intelligent transport solution, enabling the connection of end effectors, sensors and other tools directly on movers.


Beckhoff will showcase space-saving innovations that deliver peak performance and reliability, such as distributed drive technology and DIN rail-mountable drives in a standard I/O terminal format. In addition, Beckhoff will present a complete automation portfolio that includes everything from cloud-connected controls to feature-filled PLCs, HMIs, mechatronics, machine vision and safety technology.


Beckhoff offers scalable solutions, unique features and valuable benefits for all equipment in automotive manufacturing, battery production and cabinetless machine and plant concepts, which will be shown in booth 2945 at the Suburban Collection Showplace.


Beckhoff Automotive Industry Solutions

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Suburban Collection Showplace

Novi, MI

September 13-15, 2022

Booth: 2945


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Site Plan

Show hours:

- 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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XTS: maximum flexibility enables changeovers on the fly

Combining the advantages of linear and rotary motion, the XTS from Beckhoff transports products individually and highly dynamically to individual assembly and processing stations. The groundbreaking mechatronic solution enables flexible production with processing down to lot size 1 and machine footprint reductions of up to 50% by eliminating many outdated mechanical components. Product and format changes can occur instantly during operation using the powerful TwinCAT automation software.


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XTS with NCT: Power supply and real-time data synchronization on XTS movers


No Cable Technology (NCT) enables contactless, continuous power supply and synchronous real-time data transmission to the XTS movers. The hardware required for NCT is fully integrated into the motor module, to preserve the system’s existing functions and compact design. With NCT, processing steps and high-quality control are possible for the first time directly on the mover during the running process, such as for stacking film for batteries. Sufficient power and ultra-fast communication with EtherCAT and the TwinCAT control system make the connection of sensors and actuators easy.


XTS with NCT

XPlanar image updated.jpg

XPlanar: secure an unbeatable competitive advantage with adaptive manufacturing

New adaptive automation and motion control technologies are often necessary to meet the demands of modern automotive applications, including battery production. With automatic collision avoidance, path planning, anti-slosh, 360-degree rotation and more, the XPlanar system enables truly adaptive automation solutions. With magnetically levitating and flying movers, Flying Motion technology can replace many functions handled by traditional material handling systems and robots. Zero friction between movers and above the tiled surface means zero wear on the system, improving uptime and the ROI equation for adapting this highly flexible, high-performance technology in your automotive operations.


mx system no background.jpg

The MX-System: Pluggable system for cabinetless automation


For the first time in machine and system engineering, the MX-System enables completely control cabinet-free automation solutions. In this Battery Show sneak peek, you can see how MX-System combines an innovative baseplate and automation function modules. This modular construction kit combines all tasks and features of a machine’s control cabinet. These include energy supply, fuse protection and distribution, generation and monitoring of auxiliary voltages, sequence control with the inputs and outputs, control of motors and actuators as well as the connection level for the field devices.


amp8000 image.jpg

Distributed drive technology eliminates enclosures

AMP8000 distributed servo drives combine the proven AM8000 servomotors with an integrated, highly efficient servo drive for mounting directly on machines. Innovative power electronics with cold switch technology limit power losses to unprecedentedly low levels. At the same time, the mounting space required for motors and drives is reduced to an absolute minimum. The motor remains attachment-compatible and achieves almost the same performance as a comparable motor/servo drive combinations without integrated power electronics.

Optimal multi-channel drive solutions can be built using the established AX8000 multi-axis servo system. The required number of single or 2-channel axis modules is connected to the central power supply module or the combined supply and axis module.


vision no background.jpg

TwinCAT Vision: integrated image processing optimizes production quality


With TwinCAT Vision software, the necessary image processing functions are available as PLC function blocks on a standardized, universal platform:

  • from object detection, measurement and identification through to pick-and-place and quality assurance

  • connection of freely selectable line scan and are scan cameras with support for the GigE Vision standard

  • engineering directly in the machine control platform

TwinCAT Vision

ethercat p no background.jpg

EtherCAT P: ultra-fast communication and power in one cable

With EtherCAT P, Beckhoff combines communication and power in a single 4-wire standard Ethernet cable. The 24 V DC supply of the EtherCAT P field devices and of the connected sensors and actuators is integrated. At the same time, all the benefits of EtherCAT, such as freedom in topology design, high speed, optimum bandwidth utilization, telegram processing on-the-fly, highly precise synchronization, extensive diagnostics functionality, and more are all retained.

EtherCAT P

The Battery Show Site Plan


Beckhoff Booth: 2945

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